Design & Build Construction

Lough Projects cater for a variety of construction services:


• New Builds
• Extensions & Renovations
• Energy Upgrades
• Listed Buildings Restoration & Conservation


• Commercial & Industrial New Builds
• Commercial Fit-Outs
• Energy Upgrades


We provide a range of Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design services in conjunction with all projects we complete.

We provide all necessary Bill of Quantities, Schedule of Works, and BER Certificates.

SEAI Home Energy Upgrades

A premier provider of sustainable home energy upgrade solutions within the construction industry. We deliver high-quality cost-effective solutions that will meet your home energy needs as a client. Please contact us to arrange a consultation and we will work with you to put together a customised home energy solution.

Lough Projects is committed to contributing to and creating a sustainable future for our communities.

Note: To qualify for SEAI grants your home must be built before 2011 and a BER rating of at least ‘B2’ is achieved at the completion of works with a 100kWh uplift.

Why undertake home energy upgrades?

  • Warmer, more comfortable home
  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future

To understand how Lough Projects can deliver the above for you with our high-quality and cost-effective solutions click here.

Already researched & understand the One Stop Shop Home Energy Upgrade process? Complete this form to book a consultation with us and get the process started.

Insurance Re-Instatement

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire & Heat cause obvious damage to building elements, however, hidden smoke and soot debris can be the main areas that require the specialised contracting that Lough Projects provide. It is vitally important to remove these smoke and soot deposits from all cavities and enclosed areas of your property.

Storm & Water Damage

We are seeing an ever-increasing volume of damage caused to properties as a result of inclement weather. Storms can not only cause damage to roofs and roof coverings but also internal damage as a result of rain or floodwater ingress. In severe instances, structural damage can also be caused to properties as a result of storm-force winds.

Let Us Help

We understand that the sudden nature of these projects and the damage sustained to your property can have devastating consequences and severely impact property owners and occupants. We specialise in the restoration and re-instatement of all properties within this insurance re-instatement division.