SEAI One-Stop-Shop Home Energy Upgrades

What is the SEAI One-Stop Shop Scheme?

One Stop Shops offer homeowners all the services required for a complete home energy upgrade. As a registered provider, Lough Projects will manage the entire process for you, from the initial assessment of your home, through to the final BER. Lough Projects will also manage any additional home renovations that you require.

Understanding the Process

Why Choose Lough Projects?

At Lough Projects we pride ourselves on being a client and safety-first company. Our depth of experience, complimentary skills, and proven track record of managing and delivering high-quality projects, allows us to guide you through your home energy upgrade journey to your warmer, more energy efficient home.

Measures that are covered by grants

The below table shows the types of energy upgrade measures and the grant amount available from SEAI. Lough Projects will automatically deduct the grant values from the cost of your works.

Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

MeasureHouse TypeGrant Amount
Heat Pump SystemsAll Houses€6,500
Central Heating System for Heat PumpAll Houses€2,000
Heat Pump Air to Air€3,500
Heating Controls€700
Launch bonus for reaching B2 with a Heat Pump€2,000
Solar Hot Water€1,200
Attic InsulationApartment (any)€800
Semi-detached or end of terrace€1,300
Detached house€1,500
Rafter InsulationApartment (any)€1,500
Semi-detached or end of Terrace€3,000
Detached House€1,700
Cavity Wall InsulationApartment (any)€700
Semi-detached or end of terrace€1,200
Detached house€1,700
Internal Insulation (Dry Lining)Apartment (any)€1,500
Semi-detached or end of terrace€3,500
Detached House€4,500
External Wall Insulation (The Wrap)Apartment (any)€3,000
Semi-detached or end of terrace€6,000
Windows (Complete Upgrade)Apartment (any)€1,500
Semi-detached or end of terrace€3,000
Detached house€4,000
External Doors (max. 2)€800 per door
Floor Insulation€3,500
Solar PV€800 per kWp up to 2kWp€1600 for 2kWp solar panels
€250 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp€1850 for 3kWp solar panels
Total Solar PV grant capped at €2100€2100 for 4kWp solar panels
Mechanical Ventilation€1,500
Air Tightness€1,000
Home Energy Assessment€350
Project ManagementApartment (any)€800
Semi-detached or end of terrace€1,600
Detached house€2,000

Additional Grants to Consider

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Scheme provides a grant of up to €50,000 to renovate a property, and an additional top-up grant of up to €20,000 if the property is derelict. This grant can be combined with the One Stop Shop grant scheme, however it should be noted that you will need to apply for the Vacant Property grant on your own behalf.

Find more information on this grant here

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